I’m excited to announce an exciting new collaboration between Webrecorder and International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC), a group of national, university and regional libraries and archives involved in web archiving all over the world. The IIPC will recommend the adoption of Webrecorder pywb, the core Python web archiving toolset developed by Webrecorder as the ‘go to’ web archive replay system.

To support IIPC members in switching to pywb, I will be developing a migration guide, additional documentation and features to ensure a smooth transition for users of OpenWayback.

The pywb project was started in 2014 and has grown to be a fully-fledged replay and capture system for web archives, and has already been adopted by several IIPC members, including UK Web Archive, arquivo.pt, and the Australian Web Archive. The latest, pywb 2.4.x release includes a new new access control system and was supported in part by the UK Web Archive. I am especially thankful to these early adopters for paving the way for broader use, and look forward to working with IIPC Tools Development group and broader community on this project!

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