Have questions about web archiving? Need help with one of webrecorder’s tools? Why can’t you archive a certain page? All great questions! Contact us and the webrecorder community to discuss further.

Discuss: Post on our forum

We have a forum for all our users!

Webrecorder users post their questions, insights, and issues on our forum. Join the webrecorder community to participate as well!

If you are running into an issue with the extension, check the forum to see if it has been discussed there already.

GitHub: Open an Issue

This guide and the extension are both on github.

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You can follow us on Twitter, where major announcements are often posted.

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Email: Send us a message

We prefer to discuss issues or bugs on the forum or on github so that others running into the same issues can see the previous discussion.

For other questions,, you can also reach us by e-mail.

Send us a message at and someone from the Webrecorder team will get back to you.