The Webrecorder Project wishes to acknowledge the many folks have contributed to Webrecorder project over the years.

All Webrecorder tools are licensed under open source licenses. Please see individual repositories for more info about contributing.

Webrecorder at Rhizome

From 2016-2019, Webrecorder was a part of Rhizome. The hosted service formerly known as is now known as Conifer, see the Conifer FAQ for more info about Conifer.

Site Design

The logo and design for this site was created by Ashley Blewer

All Contributors

Since 2014, the various Webrecorder tools on GitHub have received contributions from many folks.

Below is a list of all people that have contributed to a Webrecorder project on Github by creating issues, commenting on issues, or through code contributions and pull requests!

(This list is generated automatically using name-your-contributors. If you are listed here, and would rather to not be, please reach out. If you are not listed for some reason, but should be, please reach out as well!)