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Generalist Developer (Contract)

Want to play a key role in a growing ecosystem of open source web archiving tools, and make preserving the web easier and more accessible to all?

The Webrecorder project is seeking *a mid-level generalist developer* to help build and maintain cutting-edge free and open source web archiving tools, which include: [pywb](, a python based high-fidelity capture and replay system, [Webrecorder Desktop](, a user-friendly free desktop web archiving app, [Browsertrix](, a Docker based crawling system, and [](, a new embedded all-Javascript in-browser web archive viewer. The developer will help build and maintain a wide variety of tools for creating and viewing web archives, help develop new approaches to archiving complex sites, and contribute to a growing set of open source technologies. Webrecorder is a small but ambitious independent project, and this position will provide an opportunity to make a significant impact on web archiving tools used by individual archivists and over a dozen institutions around the world. Ideal candidates will have a mix of technical skills listed below and an interest in Webrecorder’s mission, including a passion for open source development, making web archiving and digital preservation easier and more accessible to all, and creating a general positive impact. This position would be a good fit for someone who is self-motivated and excited to work independently as part of a very small, remote-only team. No previous web archiving experience is necessary, only a desire to learn more about the field. **Webrecorder provides an equal opportunity for all. Candidates from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in technology and open source spaces are especially encouraged to apply.**

Preferred Skills

Ideally, applicants will have some expertise in any of the following: - Web Archiving tools - Web application development (backend or frontend) - Python development - Javascript, frontend and backend (Node.js) - Browser extension or browser development - Cryptography and infosec - Decentralized and p2p protocols and storage technologies (IPFS, Dat/Hyperdrive) - Docker and containerization - Kubernetes and container orchestration - Open source project contributions - Technical documentation - Excellent written and verbal communication skills These are not hard requirements, and applicants are encouraged to apply even if they don’t have expertise in everything listed above!

About the Position

The developer will work closely with Ilya Kreymer, the project lead and creator of Webrecorder, on a variety of projects, as needed based on the needs of users and the open source community. The position can be either a part-time or full-time contract position, for a period of up to 6 months, with a possibility of further extension. Compensation will be commensurate with experience and availability, and will be approximately $6,000-$7,500 USD per full time month of work. This position will always be remote, and the developer can start immediately upon hire. Please send any inquiries and resumes to []( by **September 15th, 2020**.