Web archiving for all!

Current Open Job Positions

Updated 2023-08-09

We are always interested in speaking with motivated folks interested in helping support our mission of Web Archiving for All!

However, we do not have any open positions at this time, but if you’d like us to let you know of future openings, feel free to reach out.

Work with Us!

Webrecorder is looking for additional help build and improve all of our open-source tools!

The Webrecorder project builds and maintains tools to help anyone, from GLAM institutions of all sizes, to digital preservation specialists, to activists, journalists, digital humanists, and independent researchers and archivists to create their own web archives. We are a small team with ambitious goals to revolutionize web archiving. Our tools have been used by many folks all around the world, from small, independent activists to largest orgs like the Internet Archive.

To support as many people as possible in our mission of ‘web archiving for all’, our development efforts are currently focused on Browsertrix system, our open-source high-fidelity crawling system with a friendly user-interface which integrates with many of our other tools. We plan to offer this tool as a SaaS option in the near future.

At the same time, we are continuing to work on and maintain all the tools listed on the tools page.

Accurate, authenticatable and distributed web archives are becoming more important in today’s world, and Webrecorder has no shortage of challenges! Some of the challenges we are working on include:

If these challenges are exciting, and you are interested in contribute to a growing open-source project, please feel free to reach out!

Webrecorder is a fully remote, diverse and distributed team, and all positions are remote-only.