Web archiving for all!

Work with Us!

Webrecorder is looking for additional developers to help build and improve all of our open-source tools!

The Webrecorder project builds and maintains tools to help anyone, from GLAM institutions of all sizes, to digital preservation specialists, to activists, journalists, digital humanists, and independent researchers and archivists to create their own web archives.

Accurate, authenticatable and distributed web archives are becoming more important in today’s world, and Webrecorder has no shortage of challenges.

We are actively helping numerous web archiving initiatives all over the world, including projects such as the sucho.org effort which involve hundreds of volunteer archivists using Browsertrix Crawler.

We are actively working on all the tools listed on the tools page, in addition to the recently announced Browsertrix Cloud system, our an open-source high-fidelity crawling system with a friendly user-interface, as well as the new ArchiveWeb.page Express system for fully browser-based web archiving.

Some of the challenges we are working on include:

Webrecorder is a fully remote, distributed team, and all positions are remote-only.

We are looking for motivated folks interested in helping support our mission of Web Archiving for All!

Some specific areas of expertise and current roles we are hoping to fill are as follows:

If these challenges are exciting, and you are interested in contribute to a growing open-source project in one of these roles, please feel free to reach out

Senior Web Archiving Engineer

(Full-Time Preferred)

Webrecorder is looking to hire a senior generalist engineer who will help us improve our browser-based crawling systems.

This role will be focused on developing the Browsertrix Crawler and Browsertrix Cloud systems, and as part of the small team, will have an opportunity to contribute to our full ecosystem of tools.

Currently, this is aimed to be a mid-to-senior-level position for someone who can ramp up quickly and start making significant contributions to our tool suite. The engineer in this role will work closely with the lead developer to improve Webrecorder’s automated crawling tools and build into a more coherent archiving system to meet the needs of a wide developer and user community.

Responsibilities for this role will include:

We are looking for someone with broad experience in software development, but in particular, familiarity with the following would be especially helpful:

Specific experience with web archiving, web crawling, or digital preservation is a plus, but not a fixed requirement.

This will ideally be a two year, full-time position, but also open to part-time for the right candidate.

Compensation will be dependent on a variety of factors, with a minimum of $10000/month full-time equivalent and dependent on experience and availability.

Please send inquiries and any questions to: jobs@webrecorder.net

Webrecorder provides an equal opportunity for all. Candidates from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in technology and open source spaces are especially encouraged to apply.