About the Webrecorder Project

The Webrecorder Project (webrecorder.net) represents a broader effort to develop decentralized web archiving software, to promote an open community around the web archiving field and to make web archiving software tools that are more accessible to a wider audience of institutional and individual users.

Webrecorder was created in 2014 and has been a project of Rhizome between 2016-2019. In 2020, Webrecorder project is focusing on working to become an independent entity and collaborate with a number of institutions and users. The project represents a natural growth of the Webrecorder online service, https://webrecorder.io and operated by Rhizome. Rhizome remains a key partner in Webrecorder and will continue operating and further developing this online service.

More info on the Webrecorder Project’s governance structure will be added here when available!

Goals and Activities

The Webrecorder Project will be focused on the following key goals and activities:

  1. Continued development and maintenance of all existing Webrecorder open-source software.

  2. Making web archiving more accessible and decentralized through creation of new technologies, and integration of web archiving with other tools and platforms.

  3. Exploring the overlap of web archiving and software preservation through emulation and integrated tools to preserve web browsers, web archives and web servers in an integrated ways.

Check back here for more info on the Webrecorder Project’s activities!

Additionally, the Webrecorder blog will continue to include updates on Webrecorder and web archiving more generally.

Who is using Webrecorder tools?

We are happy to have a growing community of institutions that use the Webrecorder software! Some of our colleagues that are using various Webrecorder tools (not including Webrecorder.io)

If your institution is using Webrecorder software and would like to be listed, please let us know!

Webrecorder, through Rhizome, has received support from: