Faster Emulation, More Browsers

A new version of was released two weeks ago, switching to in-browser Javascript and WebAssembly emulation. Today, one of the emulators used in, v86, received a major upgrade with WebAssembly. has now also been updated to support this new version, allow for Windows and Linux based browsers to run even faster. This should also offer a noticeable upgrade to Flash emulation in these browsers. now supports five versions of Flash (including a version of Shockwave with Director support) in nine different browsers. Three versions of Java are supported as well.

Old Linux Browsers with Latest Flash

Thanks to the updated v86, two new browsers: Opera 12 and Firefox 10 ESR are added, using a recent version of Tiny Core Linux.

These browsers are pre-installed with the latest Flash plugin for Linux, Flash Player 32, ensuring that even the latest Flash player is covered.

And of course, OWT also includes Ruffle, which is a Flash-specific emulator that runs Flash directly in your current browser.

You can try out these browsers and more at:

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