Embedding of Web Archives with ReplayWeb.page

Here are some specific examples of embedding web archive replay using ReplayWeb.page

First, the <replay-web-page> tag can be loaded from the ui script:

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/replaywebpage/ui.js"></script>

Then, any number of <replay-web-page> tags can be added in a page.

1) An example showing a ‘replay only’ view - showing only the replayed page, no location bar or other options.

The embed HTML for the above is:

<replay-web-page id="embed1" source="s3://webrecorder-builds/warcs/embed-test.warc"

2) Another Embed Example, starting with the page index:

The above can be added with:

<replay-web-page id="embed2" source="s3://webrecorder-builds/warcs/netpreserve-twitter.warc" view="pages"/>